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Tata Zip Xl

Tải trọng : 350 Kg

Incentives when buy a car

Màu sắc

Thùng xe

Ngoại thất

Nội thất

Động cơ khung gầm

Estimated price

Area I:

Ha Noi and TP HCM

Area II:

Including centrally-run cities, provincial cities and towns

Area III:

Includes areas other than areas I and II above

Above is an estimate of the price applicable to Personal and Non-Business customers, including fixed costs that customers are required to pay when buying a car and registering a vehicle. Please contact the nearest showroom / dealer for accurate quotes.


Tata Zip Xl
0 vnđ0
0 vnđ
0 vnđ
0 vnđ
290,000 vnđ290000
0 vnđ0
1,560,000 vnđ1560000
1,850,000 vnđ

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